TallBoys Retirement?
The rumors have been flying folks! The TallBoys are no more! David Truly is returning to the States to work on Donald Trump's Campaign team! Flip has joined the Hell's Angels and wants to make a sequel to Breakin Bad! Dale is opening a ballet company for for retired rock stars! Joel has returned to Mexico but changed his name to Pedro! Milton has been hired to protray Michael Jackson in a HBO film abouthis life!  And Gary  is putting away the pedal steel and picking up the tuba! 
Well, don't listen to rumors friends! Yes, we are retiring but we are not done forever! Call it a Hiatus .. or Rehab ... or Naptime! 
Stay tuned .....

Sometimes people get lost and then they are found...
This is what happened to a group of adventurous rockers who found themselves in a small town in Mexico called Ajijic (Ah-Hee-Heek). Jams turned into songs and songs turned into lifestyles. This is Americana Roots music that just happens to be from a band of expats living in Mexico. Gringo rock has never sounded better and the songs tell of the life and times of those who wander too far from home and fly too close to the sun. If you like 60's and 70's style rock these guys will turn your head. Take a step back and forget about tomorrow - live for today! Hasta Mañanaville Baby.

The TallBoys Band has played throughout central Mexico in places like Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, San Miguel de Allende, and along the coast in Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, and all the beach towns along the way. They also make yearly visits to Austin and Wimberley Texas so keep you eyes open and check our Shows page for these guys. The Title cut On Your Own was remixed by the famous Stuart Epps who produced Led Zepplin, Robbie Williams, Oasis, Elton John and many others and is available on iTunes and CDBaby. Their new video of On Your Own is now available on the TallBoys Band YouTube channel so go and check it out.


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